Another great option has hit the market for Mini-ITX PC builders. The Z-Cases P50 brings gorgeous styling and a fully glass front panel to the table. See the full review and build here.

Z-Cases P50:


— Parts List —
Intel Core i5-9600K:
Asrock Z390I:
Gigabyte RTX 2060:
Crucial RAM:
Intel 545s SSD:
Noctua NH-9i:

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43 Replies to “Z-Case P50 Mini-ITX Case Review + Build”

  1. Coolers of video card was stuck by glass and from here bad temperature 85 in game. Pff CPU cooler also stuck by glass, what numbers without glass it was?

  2. The first mITX case I have any interest in buying since I got my current one four years ago and it's a failed kickstarter project. FFS!

  3. Too bad the campaign was canceled. It's not a terrible design per se, would have been better if it were big enough to at the very least accommodate 80mm fans at the top vent

  4. Excelente video, una reseña muy completa de un gabinete que a la vista es muy sólido y agradable. Me gustó mucho el analisis de las temperaturas, el ruido y el detalle sobre la falta de espacio para la conexión del USB 3.0. En mí país no llegan muchas de esas cosas y las pocas qué si lo hacen cuestan un ojo de la cara; y una PC como la que armaste en el video estaría rondando los $80.000 pesos Argentinos, una suma inalcansable para la mayoría. Un saludo grande y ya me tienes como nuevo suscriptor.

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