In this video we take a look at a portion of Amara’s skill tree & some of her abilities. I plan on playing Amara for my first playthrough and wanted to outline my plan for a melee Amara build centered around the Brawl tree (like most people). It focuses on general tankiness at first and then the melee damage comes later, finished off with some buffs to our action skill and action skill augment. We go over the action skills in the brawl tree & all of Amara’s action skill augments.

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Borderlands 3 is the third installment of the Borderlands franchise. It is an action RPG first person shooter set across multiple planets. You will take on challenging enemies & collect rate loot along the way to defeat the Calypso Twins, Troy & Tyreen Calypso, who have convinced (read: brainwashed) the bandit clans across the Borderlands to join their cult, The Children of the Vault. They will stop at nothing to reach the vaults of the Borderlands, and the player must join up with Lilith & the Crimson Raiders and travel across Pandora, Promethea, Athenas, and Eden-6 to stop them, encountering all sorts of baddies along the way.

Choose one of four Vault Hunters:

Amara the Siren is a champion of the people that uses her abilities to hammer bad guys with her ethereal fists. She can use her Phaseslam to deliver a devastating ground pound, her Phasecast to send out an astral projection of herself and blast enemies in the face, or hold an enemy in place with Phaseslam.

Fl4k the Beastmaster is a robot who travels the Borderlands with three loyal pets, a skag, a spiderant, & a jabber. They can Fade Away which consists of going invisible while healing & gaining powerful gun damage, deliver a powerful Rakk Attack by sending out multiple pairs of Rakk to dive bomb enemies, and create a Gamma Burst riff, teleporting their pet into the rift & increasing their pets health & size.

Moze the Gunner is a former Vladof soldier who specializes in mechanized combat. She can digistruct her mech known as Iron Bear, which can come with a slew of weapons including a Minigun, the Salamander flamethrower, the V-35 grenade launcher, the Vanquisher Rocket pod, a Railgun, and even a mechanized Bear Fist that can melee enemies. Mix and match weapons for a different experience every time.

Zane the Operative is a former corporate hitman that specializes in the use of gadgets. He can deploy a Barrier shield, his SNTNL drone that flies through the air and uses a machine gun to unload on enemies, or summon a Digi-Clone that can distract enemies and that he can switch places with by teleporting.

10 Replies to “Yet Another Theorycrafting Build – Melee/Phaseslam Amara – Borderlands 3”

  1. Still going to play with Moze first, but this build is probably the one I'll use whenever I play Amara.

    It really is hard to choose between a mech and fisting things with the elements.

  2. Amara is on the bottom of the stack in popularity………..Why? Most of us love guns and this is a shooter……eh?? So Melee is not so popular. Yep I have been studying Amara for several months, spending a hour a day…….looking at this or that.

    I plan to play Amara first, however I will take only a minimum amount of skills in the Brawl tree, just enough for Health and then concentrate on the Mystic Tree.

    Personally after playing BL2 and having such fantastic fun with Maya, I am greatly disappointed in the fact they turned this games Siren into a Melee character. Kinda looks like reading the popularity polls many others feel the same.

    Never liked Zero either…….and Amara's capstone is just like Zero's execute…….hanging head in disappointment and disgust. Lol.

    So a few skill points invested in Brawl for health will be the way…..just like in BL2 we generally invested in sweet release first for health so we did not have to run about picking up health packs. Then we spread things around……..and it looks like that is the way to go in BL3…….get a bit of health and then branch into the other two trees….never filling any capstone. Capstones look like a bit ……..well underwhelming. Also not required as we no longer have slag or the need for such as a Ruin skill.

    Have fun.



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