Widlitz: Any deal would build optimism among retailers

Stacey Widlitz, president at SW Retail Advisors, on how the retail sector is reacting to market volatility amid US-China trade concerns.

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4 thoughts on “Widlitz: Any deal would build optimism among retailers

  1. There were cases like Cisco's products were copied in an
    embarrassing obvious way some years ago. I am sure there were others.
    These kind of disputes happen all the time. e.g. the song My Way sung
    by Frank Sinatra was decided originally from Paris. Canadian company
    Black Berry had to pay $600m to a non tech company comprise of a
    bunch of lawyers. Google employee went to work for a rival company.
    Oracle sued Google over Java. These are civil cases must be resolved
    by the court. I cannot understand how Trump got involved without
    citing a single case. It is like saying there is a thief in your
    city. Likewise the 5G security issues. The same risk would happen to
    4G. Every now and then there are reports of bugs. Then there is a bug
    fix. Before the 5G system is checked what are the basis for Trump to
    believe that there is risk. If there were risks what is the best way
    to resolve it. Trump's approach is likened to a kid suspecting the
    biscuits were made with water coming from Fukushima. OK check it.

  2. Retailers are suffering from Amazon, now Trump. The Chinese know that the longer they wait the more desperate Trump will become. Trump’s deal with Kim Jung-un was an agreement to one day do a deal. It was nothing. That is what the Trump-China deal will be. Nothing. But Trump will lie to the American people that he saved the world and any news outlet that reports the reality of the phony deal will be called fake news.

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