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31 Replies to “Why China is Building the World’s Biggest City”

  1. I am from Hong Kong and yes our city is cramped
    But, Hong Kong people don’t like to be regarded as we are from China
    We have to return to China supposedly in 2047 but we all want to extend the 50 years

  2. To add to the complexity of the Pearl Delta, Shenzhen itself is a separate jurisdiction to that of China, so when you cross over from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, you are given a special visa that only allows you to visit Shenzhen, you can't go anywhere else.

    Shenzhen was actually fenced off from China until a decade or so ago.

    So it's really 4 regions in one.

  3. You misspelled San Francisco. You spelled it San Fransisco with an s instead of a c. If it helps, the name is of Spanish origin, so it has a “Spanish” spelling. 🙂

  4. You are very skilled in the segue to your ad read. You catch me off every time, unlike most youtubers who end the video with "Speaking of [x]" and then give a very low effort segue that tries to force its way in.

    You got me again.

  5. Everything around there is scary. Americans get trapped and sent to China for prosecution and could be held there for 2 years. Imagine not being able to communicate with your family or friends for 2 years because China wants to flex that they are superior (and because they block Twitter and iMessage).

  6. In 2047 the treaty that gives Hong kong autonomy expires. That's 28 years. After that the Chinese might want to change the system a bit. They'll definitely evaluate how the system has worked. The same will happen with Macao 30 years later.

  7. Don't let this video delude you from the fact that China are detaining millions of it's own people in internment camps and subjugating them to inhumane conditions!

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