Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my build guide for the wolf sledge weapon that was added in to Warframe with the Nightwave update.

My Warframe settings & key binds

My settings

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47 Replies to “Warframe: Wolf Sledge Build Guide”

  1. 700 odd plat for the hammer? Damn you got ripped off, the hammer is not worth that much maybe 100p and I bet you feel real foolish now with the wolf assassinate missions that happened.

  2. You forgot to mention that a charged throw will explode when called back with E key. Im modding my build off of yours. Thx 4 the vid.

  3. people are selling wolf sledge for 350 or 250 set on ps4 . i got the set in 1 week amd built it instead of selling it.

  4. This weapon doesn't seem worth the grind, killed wolf about 80-90 times in a week and no motor, so I bought the motor for 175p, made it, and it's disappointing..

  5. I met the Wolf boss two days ago while I was trying to level up a weapon I had just forma'd. My team-mates were low level and didn't have the best weapons. Which made the boss take a long time to kill. Felt like trying to kill a raid boss LOL

  6. Hello my girlfriend and I have a page and we are doing commissions, we wanted to know if you would be interested in a courtesy of banner and logo for your personalized youtube channel pd: good video 😀 PD: we make clan logos 😀

  7. its great content creators get all the new stuff right away "woohoo" !!!!!!!! but i doubt alot of people with have this weapon especially with the occurrence rate of the wolf is so shite

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