[WARFRAME] Everything WISP Build & Review
What’s good folks!?
I am here with a Wisp Build & Review.
Really enjoying this frame and I am sure you will to!






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——-[ Fredji – Welcome Sunshine ]——-

——-[ Niya – A Beginning ]——-

——-[ Ikson – Skyline ]——-

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Recording Software: NVIDIA Share [Shadowplay]
Editing: Filmora 9
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37 Replies to “[WARFRAME] Everything WISP Build & Review”

  1. I did forget to mention her passive.

    She basically becomes Invisible to the enemy when she Aim glides/Bullet Jump.

    so anytime that she is suspended in midair.

    but shooting with your weapon will remove the effect.

  2. The reason why the boss fight is so easy is because you and I both know people will complain if they're unable to do it on their own and get this Warframe you have to remember that this is a star chart boss fight design for any players to be able to take it on

  3. I think her real power comes from basically being invisible by just jumping. She is basically the ultimate stealth warframe. She does not lose her invisibility when using melee so probably redeemer prime while using parkour mods to basically make her fly

  4. Just a suggestion, please add how many forma you used on your build so people will now at a glance on how many to invest on a particular frame/weapon.

  5. I tested Wisps 3rd and I can varify that I didnt increase any weapon damage for me but it multiplies the damage from your weapon to a spark which unfortunatly doesnt do any damage if the enemies have armor.

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