THE OUTER WORLDS Best Builds – Melee, Diplomat (Character Creation Starter Guide)

The Outer Worlds complete starter guide will help you to create your character creation build and what the best attributes, skills and perks are. We will cover 4 different build types, the sneak sniper build, diplomat build and melee builds for The Outer Worlds.
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– Sneaky Sniper Build: 1:31
– Melee Build: 8:57
– Diplomat Companion Build: 12:37

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35 thoughts on “THE OUTER WORLDS Best Builds – Melee, Diplomat (Character Creation Starter Guide)

  1. I'm using a combo, smart scientist and persuasive character. I also loot everything but I also use my ability to persuade and/or lie as much as possible to avoid battles and gain XP with normal NPCs. Seems to be a very viable character so far

  2. i streamed this earlier for 3 hours and i said you'd be covering it, i fully expected you to cover it anyway but i ironically said "Melee meta confirmed?" in a joking manor and i noticed how powerful talking can be in this game so its absolutely hilarious to see that two aspects i went through were gonna be the biggest builds in your video XD.

  3. Playing a variant on sniper/diplomat.
    Stength: below average
    Dex: average
    Int: very high
    Perception: high
    Charm: high
    Temp: average
    First skills in DIALOG and TECH
    Can talk myself out of anything and break into anything.

  4. Sneaking lockpicking and speech r always the main things i do in fallout and elder scrolls game. So will b my main things on the outer worlds. Great video eso keep them ciming

  5. Wrong. We are not struggling. Mainly because Obsidian's RPG are intended to be super easy (on normal difficulty) that having literally any build will perfectly fit the game.

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