What’s good everybody, it’s ColdBwoyy here back with another Division 2 video for you guys today. Thank you so much for all the support on my HEROIC PVE AR BUILD video! The video is about to hit 20k views and it’s all because of you guys so thank you so much! Today I have an amazing PVE build for guys that is very versatile and has a lot of active talents. This build might not be the new meta, but it’s very good and it’s also very fun to use. When you’re using all of these talents on this build it almost feels like a combo system. It keeps you engaged and gives you a breath of fresh air from all of the pure damage builds out there! Be sure to like and subscribe for more after the video is over and make sure you stay until the end because I’ll show my stats page!

The specialization you use on this PVE build is completely up to you. I use sharpshooter a majority of the time because I like the perks in the skill tree. You can also go with Survivalist for the increased AR damage!

For my primary, I’m using a Black Market AK-M. Yes, there might be better AR’s out there, but I like to show you guys different types of playstyles. The AK-M is a very underrated assault rifle in my opinion. It hits very hard and is easy to control! Since I didn’t go over the attachments I’m using in the video, I’ll go over them with you right now. For my attachments, I’m using the EXPS3 Holo Sight for 8% damage to elites, the sturdy extended 7.62 Mag for 20 more rounds, an angled grip for more stability and a compensator for even more stability. For my secondary, I’m using the Exotic Chatterbox SMG strictly for the Blabbermouth talent! The pistol I use on this build plays an important role also because it has a holster talent called Recharged that increases my skill duration, charges and ammo by 25% when I deploy a skill at full armor!

For my mask, I’m using a Sokolov Concern which gives me 42% damage to elites, 6% cool down reduction, 20% hazard protection, and it has the spotter talent which gives a 20% damage boost to enemies that are pulsed!

For my chest piece, I’m using a Gila Guard chest piece which gives me 16% total armor, 20% hazard protection, 316 skill power, 10% weapon damage and it has the Unstoppable Force talent. This talent gives you 2% weapon damage for every 25k armor that you have every time you kill an enemy!

For my holster, I’m using a Fenris Group AB holster which gives me 10% assault rifle damage, 11% cool down reduction and it has the Devastating talent on it which increases my weapon damage by 5%.

My backpack is another Gila Guard brand set and it comes with 2.5% health, 25k health, 10% cool down reduction, and it has the On The Ropes Talent which is one of the best talents in Division 2. This talent gives you 25% extra damage when all of your skills are open cool down! Once your Pulse is on cool down, drop a healing pod from the chem launcher and this skill will kick in! This backpack also has hard hitting on it which gives you 10% damage to elites.

My gloves are Overlord Armaments which gives me 9% assault rifle damage, 9k health, and they have the Devastating talent which gives me 5% more weapon damage.

My kneepads are the coolest thing about this build. My kneepads are Wyvern Wear kneepads that have a talent called Calculated. Every time you get a kill from cover, your skill cool down goes down by 20%. Lets say you use your pulse and then it expires. Generally, I would have to wait 60 seconds for it to come back. Since I have calculated, All I have to do is kill 3 people while in cover and my pulse will instantly come back! Crazy right?!

For my skills I’m using the Pulse and Healing Chem Launcher!

Let me know what you guys think of this build in the comments below!!

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15 Replies to “The Division 2 – DYNAMIC PVE AR BUILD! BEST PVE BUILD! Post Patch!”

  1. So, I was thinking about your build and one thing really struck me that I did not hear you address — You have several spots where you are Reducing the Cooldown of your weapons.  However, one of your biggest talents is On The Ropes which gives you +25% weapon damage while all skills are on cooldown. — Follow me…if you throw both skills out and one takes 100 seconds to cooldown and one takes 80 seconds to cool down…for a minimum of 80 seconds you get the +25% weapon damage.  However, if you continue to reduce your cooldown, you are bound to get caught without skills not on cooldown and therefore lose that 25% bonus. ——————– I would propose taking out some of that skill cooldown and increase it with skill power.  You currently have 693 skill power.  If you could jack that up to 1.1, 1.3, 1.5k…the power of the mod on the particular skill could be much higher.

  2. This has to be the worst click bait lol this build is a good but not great PVE build as much as you say it is a amazing build doesn't make it true. Health, armor and damage are really low but hopefully you can keep updating it and make it a actual amazing build

  3. This is not an optimum build for PVE. Lacking in damage to elite stacking on the correct pieces such as kneepads and chest. Missing out on 10% all weapon damage on the backpack. I appreciate you sharing your build but the Title: " Best PVE build!" is deceptive.

  4. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that calculated talent, all you're missing is compensated on your gloves and then you'll be running pretty much full meta.

  5. So in beginning you say you have the sharpshooter specialization for the headshot damage but then right after you say you would go with nemesis for the headshot damage if you had a p416 or something more stable, but going to go with chatterbox for blabbermouth, (your ak-m has stability almost maxed from what I'm seeing, plus the stability bonus with sharpshooter) because you go up close and personal, my question is if you aren't planning to do headshots because of the ak-m why use sharpshooter at all. If you wont add more headshot with nemesis. Not trying to be ignorant or a troll, it is a honest question.

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