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7 Replies to “Summer Wall-A-Thon – We Build the Wall”

  1. PRAY and ASK GOD for money to outshine what the Govt would ever give. Give GOD CREDIT NOW ! MAKE it HUGE. (Put it CARVED, in the Wall) He Who Alone Gives Us LIFE, LOVE and BREATH. His Name Is LORD JESUS CHRIST, and every Knee Shall Bow. This Wall will Fail without CHRIST. I Promise You, it will !

  2. A wall doesn't "hurt" illegals like the Left claims. A wall saves lives! It discourages many illegals from risking their lives. The Democrats shamefully and disgustingly roll out a red carpet invitation to illegals which causes them to risk their lives and drown in the Rio Grande. Build the wall, and stop letting Democrats freely invite illegals. They'll be less heat-related deaths in the desert and fewer drownings. Walls discourage even trying to come. Build that beautiful wall! God bless y'all!!

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