Web components are the new shiny thing on the web, but what makes a good web component? How do you design a useful API that works for all of your users and all of their browsers? How do you make it render quickly and how do you teach people how to use it? After a year of working on the Polymer Elements, I’ve made sure to make all the possible mistakes so that you don’t have to. This talk is about the things I’ve learned from that.

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30 Replies to “Practical lessons from a year of building web components – Google I/O 2016”

  1. Stfu, a tech talk wherein the presenter manages to be personable? I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't just watched it. It's like it's not their first day out interacting with other humans.

    Often, I struggle to make it through tech related talks, tutorials, et cetera without being bored into comatose or cringing to death ( e.g. https://youtu.be/dFq4BjWb0YA ). This is a nice change.

  2. I've just watched this video and 'polymer billion served'. Awesome presentations! Keep up the great work!
    Je ne sais pas pourquoi les commentaires ont été désactivés sur ta présentation de Google I/O 2017, espérons que ça n'ait pas été causé par des commentaires douteux. Encore bravo Monica 🙂

  3. I hate roleplaying but I have to do this. Most comments here express the following: "Oh, a woman! What do I do now? [Inner self] Act normal, don't be offtopic! Okay! I can do that! Hi, woman, you have a beautiful vagina. Oh, I mean, you know the stuff you were talking about! That's what I meant! [Woman] Oh, thanks?! What do you think of web components? [Awkward dude] Web components? Thought you were talking about our marriage… and our two kids, James and Sarah"

  4. I didin't know Web Components were this big until I stumbled upon Strimpel & Overson's book the other day and then started a research on the subject. I feel like a whole decade has passed and I didn't notice.

  5. excellent presentation, only a detail to improve: You need to control behaviour of your legs during the talks, because your swinging mode seems you need urgently to pee.

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