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Patch 9.20 came with some INSANELY OP picks like Garen, Shaco, Ashe, Lissandra, and many more.

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48 Replies to “OP Pick or Ban: BEST BUILDS For EVERY Role – League of Legends Patch 9.20”

  1. It's too hard to pick just one. Can I do one for each role?
    Top : Darius (love the aesthetic)
    Mid : Swain (love the aesthetic)
    Jungle : Warwick (love the aesthetic, but hate playing jungle)
    ADC : Caitlyn (the only ADC I can use with any kind of confidence)
    Support : It's a tie between Sona and Soraka (healer is my preferred support role. I have trouble with hook champs)

  2. A champion i love to play is diana, because i am very impatient and when diana gets to level 6 she can just dive in and kill people

  3. My fav champ Ekko:
    I made three accounts just for him.
    I love his attitude. His back story and all clips riot made for him. His kit allows for amazing plays and a high skill cap. Got to love my time shattering champ

  4. At the moment, I love playing Rakan. He's so silly thematically, his skins are all really well made. His kit is so much fun and satisfying to be flying all over the place and being useful for everyone on your team.

  5. I love playing Jax! I have been maiming him and singed since s3. I like Jax cuz he’s one of the only late game hyper carry’s in top lane and his lore is just bad ass

  6. My favorite character is Ekko, ever since he came out I was captured by his gameplay. I did pretty good with him mid and jg. I didn't used to pay attention to patches or meta, so the nerfs to tank Ekko and the removal of Ancient time removed his value in my hands and I moved to other characters. I've recently picked him back up because he still offers my favorite gameplay.

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