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New Weird Korean build makes this Champion extra OP now | League of Legends

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34 Replies to “New Weird Korean build makes this Champion extra OP now | League of Legends”

  1. Trying out a full gameplay on my zedmercy account for these new builds/champs i wanna show off but dont play on my main, seeing if this option is better than including it in my journey videos not sure yet tho!

  2. So koreans use a rune set and build tailored around the early game… For some reason, i am not that surprised (though for draven, whose early game is his bread and butter, it makes more sense, but koreans have a tendency to end games faster than battleborn was ended back when it launched. Scaling champion? Nah, early game build, the game will be over soon anyway)

  3. I think separating out these videos makes sense. And I do enjoy a good full-game commentary every now and then. That said, I'd be a little sad if making/releasing these videos came at the expense of Journey to Challenger videos. You do you, of course.

  4. I love that you finally put it in a separate video keep up the good work! One suggestion though, you can also do the highlight style by combining more than one gameplay of the same champ and/or other champs to showcase the meta but still keeping them away from journey to challenger. more videos and revenue and viewers can truly find what they're looking for in each video, a win-win situation!

  5. wp trying something different i want to suggest smth if u want try it just do this spicy picks/strats in a stream highlight video or smth like that including and other champs/or ranked in main so the other to not judge you from putting the zedmercy games in the journey 2chally.

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