41 Replies to “NBA 2K20 TOP 3 CENTER BUILDS!”

  1. I made a 7'3" paint beast with it's hard to stop him and I just started grinding hes a 71 but get all boards and when u get all my badges he will be op and everyone would want to play with me cuz it will be easy for the to get their shot off or ima win my battles with rim protectors or glass cleaners cuz I'm taller

  2. Why do you pick stretch 4 over stretch 5? Like is there an actual reason? The 5 covers more ground and still gets almost the same rating for being 7’0-7’1 coming in at around 85-87 at the 3, and 89-91 at the mid range. And putting nothing on post moves is a huge mistake. You’re taking the only way for a stretch to score in clutch moments by itself away. Also not upgrading the playmaking is ignoring the usefulness of its 70+ pass accuracy. And 13 potential playmaking badges.. I guess it is your video and your preference tho.

  3. Yo Orlando! Ur vids r super helpful. I’ve almost got all my badges on my playmaking slasher (sf) my 3 is a 68 but I get 11 shooting badges so I can shoot. Wuts a good jumpshot tho? I’ve been using base Burke 50%kobe and Paul george.

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