1. I see a lot of people that want playmakers to be able to dribble the whole clock away. When i play at the park i see playmakerd dribble half the clock away and still pull up for a shot and make it. When my slasher is out of stamina im pretty much stuck with a layup. I like playmakers but honestly seems like people only want to score with then forgetting about the passing badges.

  2. I'ma be tall with high dribble an speed with ball..highest driving dunk.. layup..post..lat quickness..steal.vert..rebound an strength ..I'ma stay in my lane stick to wat I know

  3. I saw this in Agent’s vid, for players who are mad because post scorers got buffed from the new badge, Agent announced on a 2K20 vid that bigs will fumble the ball a lot more. If you are mad cuz of the post scorers abusing the deep fade then just poke the ball to give them a lesson. I saw players mad about the post scorers being buffed but many players will be happy that they can get poked easily.

  4. Wtf I don't understand…. any build should be able to green anything. just the tougher a shot the smaller the green window. For ex: if a sharp pulls from 3 give a nice window to green like 290ms. But a glass pulls from deep give him a smaller window like 100ms. Honestly if a player learns his jumpshot he should be rewarded with being able to his shots. I feel the same way about the contest and green lockout

  5. Responding to the first guy that said slasher were underrated or not that good this year must not be good or something because if you make a slashing shotcreator you can do pretty much anything and get contacts and how they had the shooting system this year even pure slashers can shot if you had a good jumper

  6. Stupid Question but if you’re a female myPlayer will you play in the WNBA with only a few NBA connections? Or can you be in the NBA too?

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