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MHW ICEBORNE Current Meta Longsword Builds
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38 Replies to “MHW ICEBORNE Longsword Builds That Have Power Of The Anime God And Make You Go Kimetsu No Yaiba”

  1. I researched really hard, there is no cheese LS builds at the moment~You can only play it fair and square with patience and practice. I will make a combo video later if I ever get good enough with it.

  2. It doesn't make sense.
    Non-element boost was nerfed, true.
    But before Iceborne, weapons had lower atk values.
    Now they have higher atk values.
    +5% of Low atk = lower atk bonus
    +5% of Hig atk = higher ark bonus

    I still prefer Hellish Slasher with Handicraft Charm lv4 over Luna.

    Agitator was nerfed harder than Non-Elemental Boost, so I prefer going for Sharp Jewels, Draw Jewels and/or Destroyer jewels.

  3. I prefer zinogre b helm chest and arms, odogaron b waist, and garuga b legs. Gem sheath with att and fill the remaining charm and decorations with whatever with hellish slasher as the weapon. Very strong elementless build.

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