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===Music used===
Neil Cicierega – Brodyquest

JerryVsHarry present the best funny minecraft gameplay build battle animation vs real life the good minecraft irl episodes challenges and fails for gamers. Family friendly

49 Replies to “LEGENDARY DRAGON (Minecraft Build Battle)”

  1. Challenge:
    Its called the YuGiOh-Challenge:
    You can only build things related to the characters.

    As example:
    You get the theme pyramid: you build yugis puzzle (related to yugi)
    You get wizard: you build the dark magician (related to yugi because its his main)
    You get dragon: you build the blue eyes white dragon (related to kaiba because its his main)
    So you can't just build a random monster which isnt really related to one of the well known characters (people who are yugis friends or enemies) and doesnt have any meaning

  2. Day 1 of asking for this challenge:

    No building, only breaking a hole in the ground (like the water video but without water), if you can win like this, you're officially the masters of build battle

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