I hope you enjoyed this Borderlands 2 Krieg the Psycho Ultimate Melee Build Guide! I spent a lot of time going in-depth as to why I chose each skill, check out the links below!
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Builds Used:
• Level 72 Build: http://i.imgur.com/xsHXGRG.jpg
• Level 61 Build: http://i.imgur.com/Z8dfQhd.jpg
• Level 50 Build: http://i.imgur.com/4RARtdW.jpg

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42 Replies to “Krieg the Psycho: ULTIMATE Melee Build Guide! (Level 72, 61, AND 50)”

  1. I must be playing this build wrong I die constantly by anything I must drop 12mil a day on dying to some pathetic enemy who my buzaxe rampage cant kill

  2. You don’t need both the increases to shield recharge delay if you’ve spec’d into Hellborn like you did. You shield won’t recharge if you are constantly taking fire damage.

  3. 10/10 would recommend the Rough Rider shield for Kreig.

    Easy to farm, requires the Hammerlock DLC, is a shield with a capacity of 0 (so you are getting all those sweet shieldless boosts all the time) Greatly increases health, AND gives a full 20% damage reduction to EVERYTHING.

    No better way to go RIDE THE MEAT BICYCLE!

  4. If you pick release the beast DO NOT SPEC INTO BLOOD TRANCE, you want to go in and out of your badass form as much as possible for the I-frames and the full heal.

  5. There's a shield I think it's the roid shield but not for sure that has 0 capacity but reduces damage you take increases health I think. Really good on krieg

  6. I beat this game before all the DLC was released and didnt play it again until about a week a go, i bought the collection so i got this guy and i said the same thing "no way you can play as a Psycho" and picked him right away 🙂

  7. I like the Order sheild for kreig that boosts your max health and heals you for your melee damage dealt the only problem is that its lv 25 and i don't think any other sheild has that benefit

  8. If only the disorienting effect from Silence the Voices wasn't as long and so visually cumbersome, the skill would be more manageable

  9. I just started my playthrough with krieg and this will help me alot, I'm going to tweak some things but I also have an app on my phone that is a borderlands 2 skill tree builder. So I can play around with what points I want in what skills without actually doing it in game. It's quite a helpful app. But I'm already learning that I need rely on my melee and not guns with krieg. Guns are just for distant enemies until you get close enough to hit them. I'm looking forward to getting him leveled up

  10. I think I made a pretty good build with Krieg a while back I called "Undying Suicide Krieg" so pretty much I'd get some super buffs from taking damage and friendly fire and would never die. It was super op as I pretty much carried my 2 friends with it to about lvl 42 till we stopped playing and I never invested fully to it.

  11. Heres my build
    Empty the rage: 10
    Pull the pin: 1
    Feed the meat: 5
    Fuel the Rampage: 5
    Salt the wound: 5
    Silence the voices: 1 or 2
    Release the Beast: 1
    Blood filled guns: 5
    Taste the blood: 5
    Fuel the blood: 4
    Buzz axe bombardier: 1
    Blood Trance: 4
    I'm level 54 by the way

  12. Quick question, I want to make an edited save of my Krieg character on PS4 with Gibbed, but Gibbed only works with PC/XB360/PS3 and I don’t have the DLC for Krieg on my PS3, so how would I go by making a level 72 character for my PS4 using Gibbed?

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