A Sans Character Guide Tutorial for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This How To Play Guide, teaches combos, recovery and strategies for Sans.

Best Gunner Builds include, 1332, 3332, and other variations.
B-reverse tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZR0eoJlv4A&t=86s

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36 Replies to “How To Play SANS in Smash Ultimate (Optimal Builds)”

  1. Review:
    OK, so, immediately, you're covering how to play Mii Gunner, not how to play Sans. You're not like "This move fits Sans more/less" you're just talking about competitive viability.
    Neutral Special is basically the only option for Sans NSpec, it works so much like a Gaster Blast! The far second is Laser Blaze since it focuses on dealing low damage quickly, and it somewhat recreates Sans's smaller blast, but the charge blast still fits the fact that Gaster Blasters always charge up and have a powerful attack. Oh, and Grenade Launch is very un-Sansy. The most it has is that it deals a lot of small hits. 1>2>3
    Side Special is confirmed in the trailer to be Flame Pillar. This fits Sans's Karmic Retribution, and also the Ness=Sans meme. Gunner Missile is sort of like a bone? and Stealth Burst is kind of fitting to Sans's spacial control. 1>3>2.
    Up Special is a tossup, and I'll admit my standpoint on the Sansiest is the most opiniative of these. Up Specials 1 & 2 can both dunk, which is something Sans definitely does, but I personally don't see it as the focus of his character as much as his great dodging ability, and Arm Rocket's versatile movement really fits that bill. Though Cannon Jump Kick also has the benefit of being a powerful up-close move, which fits a headcanon of what the actual dunking scene is, where the player gets close enough to Sans for him to unleash his full power. 3>2>1
    Down Special, like Side Special, is confirmed to be a reflector. Though I feel like none of the moves are ultra Sansy, they all have stretchy explanations. 1 & 3 could be seen as… Adaptability measures. Sans always has to dodge, but a projectile can be tougher to dodge. Though, I feel the Absorbing Vortex is less fitting because Sans only takes one hit in the real game. Meanwhile, Bomb Drop could be seen as a 'borrowed' move, like Ness and Lucas have, from Mettaton. 1>2>3.
    Overall, I wish this was playing Sans and not Mii Gunner, but as a Mii Gunner guide it's very good, yeah. Just not as Sansy as possible.

  2. Yo, I'm an actual serious gunner main. I wanted to comment on your guide, because overall it's pretty well done. Almost 20 minutes of good advice. Just wanted to comment on a few things. I'll re-watch it and take notes as I go. Sorry for the wall of text:

    0:51 I also prefer Charge Blast over Grenade Launch, but it has its niche uses. Not only covering the ledge, but also shield pressure (since the grenade explodes on shield). You didn't even mention its biggest disadvantage though: if you hit a grenade with a hitbox without a hurtbox, it will simply vanish. A good player will pick up on this and wreck your neutral if you rely too much on grenade launcher.

    1:31 There is a use for Stealth Burst, actually: it's very useful in Doubles and FFAs. Also, HugS swears by it in 1v1s, it's just a bit difficult to use. But overall I massively agree with your pick here of Miissiles, they're just too good not to use despite Flame Pillar's advantages. And yes that spelling was intentional.

    2:31 Minor nitpick: Arm Rocket is more akin to a slow but instant Lucario's UpB. It's even controlled the same way (pressing left and right). It still goes very far, though. And has ridiculously low end-lag.

    3:17 Overall, you're pretty correct in choosing downB2 since it's the most versatile, but there's actually a surprising amount of uses for downB1 and 3. Specially 3. If you jump while using it you kinda float upwards for a while, and it helps with recovery if you're dead set on using upB2, for example. There's also the benefit of being able to turn around very easily using downB1/3, if you mix it up with gundashing.

    6:11 Quick note: super miissiles are good at KOing but it's really to hard to hit someone with them. You need to trap them into being hit, somehow, because super miisiles are really easy to see coming. All in all, Super Miissiles are super powerful, but Homing Miissiles are super useful. Also pro-tip: short hop homing miissile to catch someone at the ledge or jumping.

    6:50 Actually, this is where we kinda disagree. B-reversing bomb drop isn't that good, in my opinion, because of the huge endlag of the move and how unsafe you'll be if it hits a shield. You should definitely practice turnaround bomb drop, though, because that can actually make a huge difference (getting hit with a bomb and its explosion is no joke) and it's way safer than normal bomb drop.

    7:34 Heh, it's glaringly obvious that you're new at this bomb dropping business. Placing bombs as a ledgetrap is way better than you make it seem, because it has to be at the very tip of the ledge. Why? Because if you place it correctly, it will catch 3 ledge options: normal ledge get-up, ledge attack and ledge jump. Only option not covered is roll, but that's where Mii Gunner can be standing on, waiting for that very option. Smart opponents will know that the bomb can be deflected, though, and will probably drop down and jump with an aerial that can deflect the bomb into mii gunner's face.

    8:28 Ehhh… nah, f-smash is good yes, but most of the time it won't connect that well on the ledge if the opponent simply decides to wait for the bomb to pass. The trap you're proposing may work once or twice against less experienced opponents, but good opponents will understand what they must do. My game plan is usually drop bomb on ledge -> wait for their option -> drop another one if they remain on the ledge.

    Fun fact: the bomb explosion will hit ledge-hanging opponents if the bomb was dropped near the tip of the stage.

    9:44 I like your theory here, I might want to incorporate it more often, but sadly it's hard when people keep both their jump and their airdodge until the last second. It gets even more complicated on a non-flat/non-omega stage. And even worse against opponents with multiple jumps…

    9:55 Alright so I saw someone in the comments really angry at this suggestion. Honestly, I agree and disagree with you here. Sometimes, you feel like you need to have a full CB so you make use of every opportunity to charge up your neutral B. But sometimes, against certain opponents, it's just a better idea to go out there and try gimping them with nair or even bombs. Don't forget that upB3 is amazing for recovery, and that means that we can go off-stage and gimp opponents quite easily. Plus, charging up your neutral B isn't that hard if you charge it mid-air constantly. Even when you're thrown off-stage you can start charging it and the opponent will probably refrain from contesting you. Bonus: you can turnaround charge blast to face the blastzone so you can gundash back, if you're not facing it to begin with.

    11:08 I realized something: you should mention that one really neat feature of miissiles (when compared to Samus' version) is the ability to bullet hell people. What I mean by this is simply mixing up the miissiles you're launching and where you're launching them from. So you can homing miissile, sh homing miissile, full hop super miissile, standing super miissile, sh homing miissile, standing super miissile, just mix it up! If they give you the range to do this (because start-up for both miissiles can be quite punishable) you can make your opponent's life a living projectile hell.

    11:04 Eh, Gunner's options aren't that good OoS, yes, but not even mentioning up Smash OoS is a big oversight, imo. Imagine Samus upsmash. Now imagine its first explosion was actually huge, and always connected with opponents no matter how small they were. That's Gunner UpSmash and it's freaking great.

    12:58 I just realized you always double jump gundash instead of simply full hop gundash. Are you aware that you don't need to double jump in order to gundash? Because that could get you in trouble.

    13:23 Interesting idea, gotta admit. Only flaw I can see here is if the CB misses, because you've given up stage control and that can be a big no-no against certain characters. But all in all, not a bad strat.

    13:42 This has been labbed by the Mii Gunner discord server, actually. Some characters escape both lasers with good DI, others are SoL, and many others won't escape if you dash grab and instantly upthrow. I think a bit of momentum is kept after you dash grab someone, so that could explain why this happens. Just keep this in mind: most of the time, dash grab up throw is a good idea.

    14:27 AFAIK, it's even more effective if you RAR the nair. Also works with jab combo, btw. I usually launch a super miissile first, so they try to roll in and get a CB to the face (if they miss the tech).

    15:15 Dtilt is basically a slightly worse version of uptilt, but it doesn't hit above mii gunner (hits below instead) and with a good more horizontal distance. Don't sleep on it, it saved my bacon plenty of times.

    15:39 I've actually already talked about this but I'll repeat: upsmash does not whiff on small characters. Only if those small characters crouch down. It's basically a "fixed" version of Samus Upsmash. It also surprisingly has plenty of horizontal reach, making it a very nice OoS option that can KO.

    15:53 Just wanted to mention something quick: uptilt is frame 5. A KO move that comes out frame 5 and hits people standing on platforms above you. Yepppp.

    17:00 About drag-down uair: it's never a true combo, but the opponent will only have a few frames to shield. If they don't know a dragdown is coming, they'll probably get hit/grabbed/whatever. It's usually a nice option, despite not being a combo.

    17:10 Yes! Dash attack is amazing and I'll dunk on anyone who says otherwise. Specially useful with the instant dash attack tech (dash with the joystick and press right/left on the c-stick at almost the same time). Dash attack has a lot more range than it seems. My Gunner is actually more aggro than camper and Dash Attack is one of my most used moves. It will cross-up shields if you use it near an opponent, that can be very useful.

    18:41 Did give you a thumbs-up. Thanks for giving Mii Gunner errrr I mean Sans a spot-light!

    Some things I wanted to add:

    – You never mentioned dsmash because, and I can see why, it's not a very useful move. It does come out faster than fsmash for KOing horizontally (if you get a read or the opponent whiffs something and you don't have CB ready to go) and the back hit is way more powerful than it seems. My theory is that it's made for catching an opponent's ledge rolls, hence the stronger back hit (to KO them across the stage).

    – You also didn't mention dair and I completely understand. It's kinda awful. At least it works now, compared to smash 4. It's just kinda (very) hard to hit the meteor/spike with it. It's got a weird delayed effect to it. BTW it never spikes on the ground, it will only send grounded opponents horizontally.

    – One advanced movement option you can do with Charge Blast is to turnaround it, jump cancel it and gundash instantly, then b-reverse CB again to escape punishment attempts. Cancel with a directional airdodge. If you search for my own vods on Youtube you'll see that I do this all the time, and it's both incredibly fun (Wheeeeeeeee!) and useful.

    – You actually never mentioned a basic counterplay to bomb drop: they can be deflected, basically like Dedede's Gordos. The bomb will then explode and hit everyone, not only Mii Gunner, so opponents with swords/disjoints have the advantage here. Everyone who plays mii gunner should be careful about this.

    – Mii Gunner can wall jump. This seems strange but it makes sense when you remember she was based on Samus. This can be useful in some gimping situations (use nair offstage use nair offstage use nair offstage *use nair offstage*).

    – Mii Gunner is actually one of the slowest runners in the game. But that doesn't matter at all when she's gundashing all over the place, does it?

  3. Dash attack is a good combo finisher…you can do
    Grenade -> dash attack
    Missile -> dash attack
    N-air-> dash attack
    And there’s still more but it’s not dash attack related

  4. 10:50 it’s actually rather best when you’re off stage above stage level and the opponent is thinking to ledge guard you. Trust me I had this problem many times now and it’s pretty useful

  5. 9:31 this part as well can be exactly preformed with grenade launcher and also a good way…it’s good thing I watched this video because I can only see missing holes of what you can also do and it will be better…

  6. I just saw 7:38 where you mention about the bomb drop ledge guard but if the opponent does a physical attack then it can hit you. That’s risky. Grenade really can do everything for mii gunner XP

  7. Bomb drop is VERY USEFUL. Oh boy you don’t know that it’s even better than Samus’s down b… if the opponent is shooting a charge based projectile just place it from mid air and the bomb drop will stop it for you from the charge ball from attacking you. Bomb drops act differently when they get hit by a projectile rather to a physical attack…it just stays there until it explodes by itself rather than getting blasted over and hitting you

  8. Arm rocket is terrible! You don’t need a horizontal recovery type if you already have a forward air that can make you move back! Just b reverse with bomb drop and you can preform it in any direction you want in mid air

  9. Sir I have to say but your up b choice is very dumb. Canon jump kick is a TERRIBLE recovery. You really don’t need a very strong up b since mii gunner already has good specials to handle the match so it’s definitely a better idea to pick lunar launch. It’s actually also a slightly good shield out option but it’s few frames slower but it’s fine price for being almost the best vertical recovery in the game!

  10. I see charge blast as the wrong way to go because what if you missed it or it got reflected and that whole change time was for nothing? That’s seriously a waste and I don’t understand why people think it’s a good move… yes it’s a strong move and yes you can get a KO very fast but it doesn’t mean the opponent can’t 100% get hit by it. I see a lot of players use this move and they mostly miss it so I pick grenade launcher because it’s a combo starter and can also shield pressure and can preform a very good ledge guard. It’s also not that laggy too!

  11. Bro flame pillar is really not that great… it’s not like ness’s pk fire or even robin’s side b and it’s very risky…I would say gunner missile is the better approach because it can shoot multiple rather to Samus and if you are not dumb and actually use your thumbs on the stick properly 70% of the stage is in your hand. And it’s a decent combo tool and can also aim for the opponent if it’s doing such moves like hero’s down b which can be dangerous

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