Today it’s time we take a journey over to storage city! By a journey, I mean we build it. This video showcases how you can build a simple storage silo in Minecraft for overflow storage. These silos can be as tall or short as you want! We’ll be working on this area more over time!

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31 Replies to “How To Build STORAGE SILOS! | The Minecraft Guide – Minecraft 1.14.4 Lets Play Episode 58”

  1. Wattles, for the backround music, I think the normal school day music for yandere simulator would be very fitting for your videos. The music is perfect for your guide series

  2. Question if you had a diorite building with dark oak would the diorite overpower the dark oak and make it look ugly

    I’m guessing it will be okay because of your diorite house

  3. This made me very happy, such a wholesome young man teaching people Minecraft in a calming voice, he really made my day, I felt as if all my problems went away… thanks so much wattles I love ur content uwu

  4. Dude there was a way better way you could have built the silo that wouldnt have required making an access door to the insides… just make the hoppers flow out of the chests down in a chain so that all the items always move to the lowest possible chest.

  5. Build yourself a settlement where your bed is kept, you spawn if you die and you could start an episode or plan your build, perhaps also house your large map wall.

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