Hilarious animals and Slime Sam! Itsy-bitsy spiderπŸ•·, ancient turtle, cute and fluffy hamster🐹 Awesome pet crafts for your little ones!

Raise your hands, animal lovers! Slick Slime Sam and Sue love animals too! They love live animals so much that keep making funny videos with all kinds of cute pets! Some of them live in their apartment and some are just guests. But the best part is that each and every one of them gets their own special pet craft. In this episode we combined three of our favorite animal episodes. We’ll teach you how to build a turtle tank or a turtle aquarium (whichever name you like better), show you how to handle a big spider and how to make a home for it and last but not least we’ll be unboxing a hamster Critterville cage! So if you have pets, want to make crafts for them or simply want to enjoy a well made funny video, you stopped at the right channel. Sit back, relax and enjoy this pet DIY video!

0:10 – TURTLE🐒

Sue and Slime Sam have two adorable tiny turtles. Their kind is called a red eared slider and they are very colorful and smart. And of course they need a home. Sue will show you how to assemble a turtle tank and also teach you some basic information about turtles.

9:15 – SPIDERπŸ•·

Giant spider in your apartment? Sue doesn’t seem to be scared, she looks smitten! Some stray spider wandered into their home ad Sue took care of him and decided to make it a decent home. While she was building it something unbelievable happened. The little spider split in two!!! Slime Sam almost passed out from shock but as it turned out the spider was just shedding and changing his old skin. It’s really spectacular!

17:17 – HAMSTER🐹

Do you remember how many hamsters Slime Sam and Sue have? We won’t reveal the answer just yet but you’ll want to watch this video anyway. Critterville is a real luxury home for hamsters! It’s beautiful, spacious and has everything they need. It’s also cool that it’s easy to put together. They assembled it in just a few minutes!

Ok, if you read till this point you are the biggest Slick Slime Sam fan. Here is your reward, our favorite playlists and episodes!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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