This 1930 Ford Model A is a unique hand-built Hot Rod for a rock star client that commissioned the team at Classic Car Studio to give this Model A some heavy metal attitude.


Engine: 331ci Hemi V8 built by Morley Performance (550 hp)
Holley Carburetors, Hot Heads Cam, MSD Ignition,
Speedway Motors Headers, Relocated Rearmount Radiator
Induction: Weiand 671 Blower
Transmission: TCI 700R4 w/ 10” Stall Converter
Chassis: Custom CCS Chassis
Suspension: Speedway Motors Suspension, Shocks, Front Axle
Brakes: Wilwood Master Cyl. w/ Speedway Motors Drum Brakes
Wheels: Custom CCS “Smoothie” Wheels – 18” Fronts & 20” Rears
Tires: Firestone Deluxe Champion Tires from Coker Tire
Interior: Custom CCS Sheetmetal Interior, AutoMeter Gauges,
Custom Goebel & Co. Furniture Zebra Wood Roof,
5” Chop on the Roof, 3” Channel on the Floors
Exterior Color: Bare Metal

Built by:
Classic Car Studio
1002 Hanley Industrial Ct.
St. Louis, MO 63144
(314) 567-4200
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-This video was made in collaboration with Classic Car Studio.


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Classic Car Studio

1930 Ford Model A

Driving our 550 HP Hotrod

31 Replies to “Hot Rod Build Project – 1930 Ford Model A”

  1. Really like how this turned out, seemed very organized. You started with a very straight looking car and improved the look a 1000 percent.

    Enjoyed how the interior transitioned from its initial cardboard templates into metal.

  2. Beautiful work….But why do so many of these Rat Rods Always have exhaust leaks.!…I’m not talking about because it has headers it’s loud,,I mean it sounds like it’s leaking between the head and header.
    One thing I wish I’d done when I was younger was taken metal work and fab.!..Your detail is unbelievable,,the seats and the trim that looks like rivets is the best I’ve seen.!!

  3. I have zero interest in a car like this but I worship the craftsmanship in the project. You could not fill a school bus with people from the entire planet talented enough to build this.

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