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THE SIMS 4 – Speed Build | HOGWARTS PART 1

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Size: 64×64

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πŸ’» What I use:
– Building: The Sims 4 + All Expansions (GPs, EPs, SPs)
– Recording: Nvidia Shadow Play, OBS
– Editing: Vegas Pro 15, GIMP 2

32 Replies to “HOGWARTS PART 1 | THE SIMS 4 – Speed Build”

  1. I just want to say it is perfect!
    Though you say it can not look like absolutely as movie castle, it is really nice. I like everything. And it is really interesting to add something new, and sometimes not to build everything like in movie – in any case it is easy to recognize so well known castle. It looks very majestic!

  2. You had the same idea as myself with a build for this pack, especially with the new update of customisable stairs. I'm so glad you built this, I don't think could've at all. LOL. I'm pretty excited for this pack.

  3. i swear at this point they should just have the fans take over the game, we do a much better job at it. absolutely amazing,like usual. beautiful and intricate, an absolute work of art. much better than any dev did in glimmerbrook thats for sure (theres house with staircases that lead to no door, no im not lying either.)

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