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Learn how to build a business on mobile apps so you can quit your day job. Walk away with an understanding of app business basics and how to use house ads for app promotion, mediation to optimize in-app advertising revenues and analytics to measure real ROI.

29 Replies to “Google I/O 2011: Don't just build a mobile app. Build a business.”

  1. I guess building on GOOGLE is only for the pro's. Joe average guy cant simply go there and do anything — or at least this guy — too complicated. ANY SUGGESTIONS ????

  2. One question to Google Developers please :
    Do the developers get paid by the advertisers before anyone clicks advertising? Like as in a contract. Do they get paid before app gets any visitors as a contract with the advertisers?

  3. The user base ratio of ad-supported app to a paid version of the same app (without ads) is 100:2. That means only 2% of free users actually go on to buy the app.
    Has anyone tried here to simply keep a paid version without the free app?
    Wouldn't it lead to a higher 5-10% of paid user base?

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  7. I have about a dozen ideas with a business model and a way to make money through unique advertisement and micro purchasing (in game purchases). Just need a few good developers that are willing donate their time to get them developed and who are looking for a longer term larger return in the end.


  8. start with Eclipse C++ or Visual C++ both are free to download. Make sure you look up some vids to show you how to install… Also download the appropriate SDK's for what ever platform your creating apps for… This is developer stuff, We Do The Hard Shit!!!!

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