I’ve wanted to put a murphy bed inside my first van but didn’t know how. After selling my first van and then really taking my time designing my second I came up with a interesting murphy bed design off the back doors. It’s just shy of a full size bed and it’s a lot easier then a lot make it out to be. Hope this helps!!

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29 Replies to “GHOST Van Build – Murphy Bed INSIDE a VAN?!”

  1. I like this idea, but I'm curious to see how you will keep the mattress attached when bending it in the area above the hinge. You must be using a very soft foam mattress.

  2. I think the making of the bed goes back to our childhood; being told to do it all the time as a kid, now as an adult, it's like f!@$ that bed. I mean you're literally gonna mess it up again to sleep on it…what's the point? Lol.

  3. Finding a way to both use the space in the day and have a very fast, easy conversion between bed and living space is a big deal. A Murphy bed is one really great way of doing that. Just make the bed in it, strap the mattress down in the morning in a second or two, and flip the bed up and secure it. Boom. In the evening, just flip it down, remove the straps, boom. The other option that gives similar convenience would be an elevating bed that goes into the ceiling, but there's not a huge amount of headroom even in a high top, so the Murphy bed may just be the best compromise. Putting it in the rear rather than on a side wall also makes sense, a van isn't wide, either. Probably better to give up a little space front to back than giving up space side to side, of which there is already precious little. This is a really nice way to do the Murphy bed, might not be what I go with but I do think it's nicely done. I wouldn't put sides on it that were that high, though. You can't sit on the edge without those planks digging into your thighs, I would imagine. Half that height or even less would be fine to keep a mattress in place. Probably. Also mine will be made out of t-slot aluminium, as will just about everything else in the van (80/20, though probably not that brand as I'm not in the US.) Just cut the pieces to length and bolt them together with mechanical bolts. Light, strong and easy to change, just unbolt them. More expensive than plywood/wood though.

  4. thought about a drop leaf table on the bottom of the Murphy bed? When the bed is UP have a small hinged table drop down between the benches as work space, dinner table. When not in use, fold and latch to the bottom of the bed. It could be painted or stained to add to decor.. JUST a thought.

  5. Great use of space! I wouldn’t want to make the bed everyday either. Your design is even better than a fixed solution. The ceiling is stellar! Love it. Oh can you say ”drawers” again?! 😂 🤣😂🤣 So cute….

  6. Wait, you enjoy the complexity, stress and the commitment of thousands of hours required for a custom van builds, but you hesitate when it's time to use 60 "stress free" seconds to make your bed?

  7. So far,so good…looks like it has progressed rather well.. as for the bed,you gotta make it to suit your needs and if it means not having to fix the bed,more time to do other things…

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