Here is the division 2 best AR Raid build for damage and survivability that will help you to stay alive in the raid. Having the best build for the division 2 raid is helpful because you want to survive as long as you can not to go down. I will provide you with my load for my division 2 best ar raid build and let you know about what AR to use, what other talents and best mask, vest, knee pads holster and much more. Let me know in the comments if you have done the raid or not and Join my Division 2 lfg so you can find others to play with. #division2arbuild #division2raid build #laserbolt


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  1. If you want protection from elites use the survivalist spec. Should run with a Gila Holster with 2 red offensive mod slots and 2 blues. Its usually best holster out there. Also go with Fenris kneepads with %armor, DTE, and patience. Patience is awesome on razor back and is a must have if you're new. Also Gila chest with unbreakable, has 2blue and 1 red mod slots. Usuaslly rolls with blue & red stats, makes it easier to reach 11 blues. Clan vendors were just selling one.

  2. Have you run discovery mode? It’s a joke for multiple reasons. I’ll list two. 1)no one talks at all. 2) most people don’t know what to do even with all the videos available

  3. it probably does not a good survivability in my opinion. I think you should have two Badger Tuff gear to get that armor on kill, and can use gunner special to plus it into 25% armor on kill. And next is my opinion, change holster to Gila to get about 3% and 3% AR damage and Kneepad to Fenris to get one blue and two talents, and you will get 10 protection from elites. But it will lose a lot of HP and armor, just a strategy. Not give it a try yet.

  4. Huh? I don’t see any armor regen, no safeguard, no compensated talent on gloves, how is this that watching even close to be a good build for raid? Only thing I see that’s good on this build is damage to elites, but your missing all the survivability, and more damage

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