This Diablo 3 patch 2.6.5 Season 17 Monk Legacy of Nightmares Wave of Light build can destroy Torment 16. Monk starter build also included. Gameplay shown in video.

Diablo 3 Season 17 start date: May 17.

Build reference:

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35 Replies to “Diablo 3 Season 17 Monk LoN Wave of Light build guide – Patch 2.6.5 (Torment 16)”

  1. Poor video. There is no build guide here. This video is filled with expert to elite level terminology that a novice to intermediate player will never grasp. No instructions on how to collect gear (which always needs to be added because newer players will wonder if things have changed). Spends an incredible amount of time talking about why we should pick skills which will bore viewers and drive them from Diablo 3. In a video format you should show them why not talk about why. Overproduced and not really teaching anything.

  2. Gem choices are seriously wrong in this guide. You ALWAYS take zei's stone of vengeace in this build. It works best from max distance anyway, so Zei's is the best multiplier you can get. Bane of the trapped is also standard choice, then you go for Stricken, because the build is already bad at killing RG.
    Gogok isn't needed, you get the CDR anyway and Powerful is straight up worse than Zei's and Trapped. Wouldn't even wear it on T16. Goldgem + Goldwrap are better there.

  3. A side note here is that you can swap out Gogok for an Enforcer once you optimize your cooldown reduction and get used to playing without it. Since the Rabid Strike clone counts as a pet you gain even more damage from it.

  4. It will take a shitload of time to get the specific ancient items for LON bell set … And with most of the people`s luck they may never get them during this season…

  5. So… I play Diablo 3, been playing many of these seasons, but not all, maybe half or a bit more. Playing this season… and I really struggle to go very high GRifts, not because of lack of skill, but becuase it becomes really tough and hard work once you get up there, things take longer, the hours needed to get all the best gear for the very high GRifts and so on, despite having the time to spend, I just cant do it. Shoulders will wanna divorce me, hands too… and I'll probably die trying. So HOW THE FUNK DO YOU DO THIS!? xD How are you not dead? Sure, I'm about as fit as a dead cat right now, but still, even when I feel fit and well I cant do it! xD Are you even human? :O

  6. I know you are working hard to get these vids out asap and I appreciate it but all I'm waiting for is that demon hunter impale starter build hope it's soon.

  7. Hey man great video! Just discovered you last night when I got inspired to play for the first time since the RMAH got taken down. I stayed up all night watching and listening to your videos and grinding out a level 70 seasonal. In one night you took me from zero to hero lol.

  8. Ya still playing this 17 seasons later? With all the amazing games that have been coming out? Y'all literally do the same shit over and over in this game with a handful of new items lmao. wow…

  9. This witch doctor pants thing need to be fixed. They are BiS in many LoN builds. I don't want to run witch doctor only to get them and I don't have wd friends. Also it's imposssibru to get desired stats on it.

  10. I realized after Season 4 nothing was ever going to change because of the set bonus gate-keeping. No innovation, no breakthroughs. It's the same boring shit it has been. It's the same boring shit it always will be.

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