UPDATE: Season 17 patch 2.6.5 current.

This Diablo 3 patch 2.6.4 Season 16 Demon Hunter N6M4 build uses the Haedrig’s Gift Natalya set and Marauder set to do crush Greater Rifts. Gameplay shown in video.

Diablo 3 Season 16 start date: January 18.

Build reference: https://www.d3planner.com/930770462

Multishot build for GRs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw0bZdNhuOM

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25 Replies to “Diablo 3 Season 17 Demon Hunter N6M4 GR 128+ Natalya Marauder build guide Patch 2.6.5”

  1. I’m running the N6M4 build but I’m torn between cold or fire.
    With cold, I use Frostburn in cube for extra cold damage.
    With fire, I get Cindercoat to manage resources, and use Loaded for Bear with Harrington Waistguard.
    But I can figure which is decisively better. Any suggestion?

  2. I just started playing after 3 years away. How do you add legendary properties from Kanaai's cube? I only see how to extract. I don't see how to imbue Kanaai's cube items.

  3. late to the party, but only been playing for a week on PS4 mind you. I love this video as its the only one ive found that has told me all the gear, and whats needed in the gear. I have it all now and using your build. my issue? I die so easy. I know im doing the mob control wrong or how to fight. any vids about this in noob talk?

  4. Hi! Returning player here. I probably haven't played since like 2015. but I was messing around with my Demon Hunter (not my main character by any means) and I kind of stumbled upon this build on my own (still got it, baby!). Does this build not benefit significantly from Tasker and Theo? If I recall correctly, the attack speed bonus is applied to turrets (since they count as pets, I guess). Is it not enough to justify at least a Kanai's slot for Tasker and Theo?

  5. Awesome job, even if i am not using the quite same build, there were various tips how to improve my current build, keep up the good work.

  6. I was disappointed to notice that my turrets just target what they want to target, almost at random even when being careful with placement. Also I guess I’ll have to get used to not running awareness. Even all the top leaderboard clears aren’t running it. I That said, I enjoyed running this as my push build for season 16. 10 augments in and I’ve got a gr 112 down already, hoping to hit the leaderboard with a 116 or 117 clear by the end of the season.

    Thanks for the content, cheers and happy grinding!

  7. Hi everyone, I know I'm super late to the party but I'm a returning player (I know it's strange given the state of the game but I haven't played in a long time and I'm tired of waiting for Wolcen to actually become a real game so here I am!) and I just wanted to drop my variation of Rhykker's build here for anyone interested in a version with training wheels. It's a lot of fun and gives the player the option to increase the power if they're comfortable with adding mechanics later on.

    Basically I'm using Chakram-Twin Chakrams, instead of Cluster Arrow, with Spines of Seething Hatred in the cube so hatred is never an issue.

    For gems, I'm using Gogok of Swiftness instead of enforcer so I can spam Chakrams faster and I have more CDR for my Sentries but you do what you want.

    I swapped evasive fire out for Marked for Death-Contagion for some easy extra damage

    I use Rain of Vengeance-Dark Cloud so I don't have to aim it and the duration is about 9 seconds which gives me a good indicator of when to refresh it (like I said, training wheels)

    Mechanically, everything else is about the same.

    I just want to reiterate this isn't necessarily for GR pushing but it can comfortably get you into the 70s and 80s until you're ready to switch up.

    Take it or leave it 😛 either way I hope it helps someone out.

  8. for what 3 pieces of set etc if you get not the Bonus without the ring ? if i use elemental ring on cube on q13 i shoot andshoot … idf i use prunkring i get 4er Bonus and get enemys fast down while turrets Bonus shoot all Things at same time

  9. I don't believe anyone is doing GR 128+. What I really mean is I don't want to believe it. I've been running DH N6M4 and I've been grinding my ass off doing rifts and grifts as fast as I can while throwing in bounties for the mats needed in the cube. I've spent thousands of blood shard on the tramp Kadala and a ridiculous amount of materials on her pimp Kulle. I'm beginning to believe there is a conspiracy going on. I know believe that Blizzard is the all seeing eye and Kadala and Kulle are just covers for their Illuminati doings. I became suspicious when Kadala would play coy while buying her crap "I didn't know I had that" LIAR!!! And Kulle just mocks me when I use his lousy cube. Get the cube and he'll help me he says. LIAR!!! I hate this game so much. Well that's enough of my rant. Time to play D3 for 10 hours.

  10. @Rhykker please tell me why this build is so much better than M6? Natalia's Set offers +14,000% damage with 60% reduction, whereas a full Marauders set can give up to +60,000% damage (by having 5 active sentries) with most abilities. what is the benefit at all from having the Natalia's set and what is the point of using Natalia's Rain of Vengeance over any of the Marauder's 6 piece ability?

  11. Wind chill rune is on multishot, not cluster. I think he's been meaning multishot this whole time??
    That's what I chose. There's a mistake in the words one way or the other.

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