Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Strongest Warlock Melee build of all time – Frostbite Tempest (THE BIG SLAP)


One Two Punch:

Build Intro: 0:00
Necessary Items: 0:12
Main Strategy: 0:22
Boss Melt Example: 0:39
Damage Explanation: 1:06
From the Depths Nova Bomb: 1:45
In Depth Build: 2:21
Subclass Explanation (Devour): 2:40
Equipment: 3:12
Mods: 4:51
Gameplay Strategies: 6:22
Thought on the build: 7:49
Sign off: 8:32
Gameplay: 9:01


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24 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Strongest Warlock Melee build of all time – Frostbite Tempest (THE BIG SLAP)

  1. This takes me back to the EP days, used to run this setup with my Ikelos shotty. great build for roaming, reckoning and Gambit but not too practical for higher difficulty activities

  2. Better build name: Winter’s Hunger.

    Once again, detailed and awesome build. I’m not a warlock main, so I don’t really know what to say.

    I’m not a big fan of From the Depths, so I would recommend oppressive darkness. Because in your case, you’re using a demolitionist+anti barrier round AR, you’re getting your grenade back. If devour is already active, just toss the grenade to apply debuff. This frees up your exotic slot. Once again, not a warlock main, so not the best person to ask.

  3. for a similar Titan build use Wormgod Caress and any shoulder charge super. preferably top tree sunbreaker seeing how it hits the hardest. for how to use shoulder charge with 1-2 punch. just slide, shoot, then shoulder charge

  4. I remember a few weeks ago before bungie decided to nerf the peregrine greaves 1 2 combo, all the warlock mains commenting "where's OUR super strong melee build?!?"

    Turns out you had the ruby slippers all along Dorothy.

  5. The problem is the way too short 5 second timer on Winters Guile. You can see that most of your boss hits don't utilize Warlods Sigil. That's why Arcstrider and Liars Handshake is much more effective. You can actually hit a Primeval with the full stack.

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