1. Solid raid build. Unstoppable force and on the ropes users commenting need to know that those talents have little to no value in the raid for your actual DPS when you’re running with a group of eight ( less opportunities to proc Unstoppable force with the final shot ) and are probably running a revive hive as one of your skills.

  2. not sure if same for PC but on Xbox, when you switch to apparel and back it blackouts the screen so you can see stats better. If possible it would make seeing everything easier.

  3. Seems for people on console that can’t point n click headshots it would be better to run a 5th red that can be as much as 21% crit chance or 16% weapon damage in addition to 20%+ from unstoppable and 30% from on the ropes, so that would be another 50% to 60% more dmg. If this is your DPS build with all survivalbility talents and no damage talents, I would hate to see the tank you were running before. I found it fairly easy to survive first encounter with just chem launcher with 60% more healing and recharge gun perk, I think it would have been exponentially harder running 50%+ less damage from not using unstoppable and on the ropes. Just my two cents

  4. That’s legit the same build I was going for. Unbreakable with safeguard is probably the safest run for Raids. But I’m aiming more for Airaldi and Murakami for some stuff. Alps is still a good idea too though. Nice build.

  5. are you sure that hazard protection counts for explosive resistance aswell? I don't think so, but it's not listed in the stats :/

  6. It takes hours, days really of creating, tweaking, and testing a build. Regardless on how the build works for some ppl, good iob man. Thanks for sharing.

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