45 Replies to “Building Roof Trusses”

  1. Fantastic job ! Love your assembly line technique. Your work pace (smooth and steady) and I can tell you both take great pride in your work. Enjoying life and building your home. I was very impressed and enjoyed watching !

  2. You take great care and obviously enjoy getting it right. Good on you. If you are building on site though , why didn't you just fit custom fit rafters to get more attic space or high ceilings?

  3. As much as I like the idea of making your own trusses, I think it's debatable if anything is saved in an operation like this over manufactured trusses. It looks like a good design though.

  4. I'm sure it is different in various parts of the world, but around here you can buy trusses and prefab walls from companies for less than the lumber and labor to build them. They even deliver and have cranes to position them in place.

  5. Looks great, Did you do you own calculations or hire an engineer to design the truss…especially the gusset connections? At first glance it “looks” adequate, but knowing how my engineers obsess over connections, I’d want to know they ran calcs.

  6. Little bit of construction adhesive would be wise investment of expense and time.  I live in a hurricane zone so we go all out on adhesive and ties that other areas don't bother with.

  7. de walt drils, not good, not handymnot longlife drill. poor men shit drill, same than black decker totally amateur tools not comfortable and strong.

  8. Isn't it a little stupid using screw's and very expensive, When you could use a nail gun with screw glue nails? Who in there right mind would want to pay for all them screws???

  9. Все-таки дерево не металл, у него другие свойства. Строить фермы из металла можно, а строить по аналогии такие же фермы из дерева, это не самая хорошая идея.
    Вот нахера он эти дощечки прибил? Они не будут давать той жесткости, какую дают металлические пластины в металлических фермах.

  10. That high-five is so sweet! being able to enjoy doing things with your honey is priceless! Mine left me 3 years now, I am 57 and at this age being alone is terrible.

  11. Holy crap, those are awesome… I had a jig I built on the floor of my garage that I built, but I was younger then, worked good, the table is neat idea.

  12. When it done completed, using the crowbar to pry it up from the table…. CAN IT DAMAGING THE LOCATORS? Just asking., What if one side of the locators with removable 3/8 of spacer… hoping this will help. Let me know what do you think. Thank you.

  13. What is the distance between both walls? I'm trying to design essentially the same thing, but need to span 28'. I am not a professional and really want that single pitch roof. I really don't want to pay an engineer. Is this possible to do on your own? can you suggest any books etc…

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