Connect to the Google Fit platform to build motivating fitness experiences that tap into the power of wearables. In this session you will learn the latest of the Fit platform’s APIs for collecting activity data, recording from wearable sensors, performing live tracking, computing distance and calories, building engaging watchfaces, and storing a user’s fitness data across devices. With these powerful tools you can rapidly develop compelling experiences that challenge and motivate users to lead more active lifestyles, while improving retention and ratings.

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5 Replies to “Building rich fitness experiences with Google Fit platform and Android Wear – Google I/O 2016”

  1. Thanks buddy for your efforts. Well done!
    Could you please however make the design more intuitive like Tizen? I'd prefer to use Android Wear bcs of the number of apps its store has. However, once Tizen kicks off in terms of apps, I think it will be too hard for Android Wear to catch up especially that Samsung watches look better, which also brings into attention the need for more good looking Android wear devices.
    I hope you take this as constructive criticism as I am a big fan of Android Wear

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