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  1. I'm here on the other side of the world, and I cried a lot to hear that you are a special son, giving your mother a house …….. you have a very beautiful mother, congratulations

  2. Everyone hatin' in the comments on your bodykit lmao. I think it matches that car just fine. All these dudes wouldn't know what to do with a S2000 anyway except buy a bunch of Autozone stick-on parts 😂 😂

  3. Love the channel but you turned such a beautiful car into a ricer with that slap on widebody kit. But it's your car, personally prefer fast and elegant not fast and ricer. Still a fan of your channel

  4. Zx2 so in lisle off yackley there is a s turn that gos into shadow wood it is a little down hill I decided to try to take it as fast one day you know it was a little what I get into the turn I am turning right at first I was accelerating into it a little too and then I try to turn left with the turn and then I got scared because i started losing control I started to slide and I slammed on the brakes my car didn’t slide or anything it just spun around and my passenger rear tire hit the curb I had no rear brakes in my car I am prity shire of the e brake never worked I cracked a smoke on my fancy stock aluminum rims and they messed up the bearing and I’m pretty sure the shock tower like I mentioned before my rear tires had a lot of tread The front ones where p pretty bald

  5. I really love the car and what you did to it! what i would prolly do different is the front bumper but overall, a amazing build

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