Building Empires Out of Gold (w/ James Turk and Grant Williams)

James Turk is widely respected as one of the true legends of the gold market, with over 40 years in the business. In conversation with Grant Williams, James looks back on his career, which is entwined with the modern history of gold, examining the potential for the next break to the upside and what comes next when empires of money end. Filmed on May 16, 2017, in London.

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Building Empires Out of Gold (w/ James Turk and Grant Williams)

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  2. Alan Watts mentioned the idea expressed at 53:00 but the bankers had the holdings in an Island and later came to find out that even though the paper trail was neat and tidy, nothing was there to back up the books.

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  4. "… there are x2 kinds of money, one you extract out of the earth like gold, the other you pull out of thin air like federal reserve fiat". Which camp does crypto fall into?

  5. The impatience of the below shows why the elite will continue to rule… sorry to tell you BITCOIN is also a Gold Color … Crypto is the new gold as the elite can control so easy and than we meet the next cycle of ups and downs .. where are you on the pyramid … yes the ghost of space currency speaks again, 100 billion planets and where still talking about boom busts this is boring get on with space travel.

  6. "the USA is over-financialized" no doubt. gold solves that problem with authority as well. i think "market historians" draw the wrong lessons from ultra low interest rates…to the extent to which economics even matters ironically enough "just as war finance erupts as a policy need." in the alternative there are physical US cash dollars of course as one Ponzi scheme after another blows up in 2019. no news there of course..

  7. So many complaining it is from 2017 – don't watch then!! This is for me most informative and is appreciated by me, still relevant today and needs to be shown to the people who say Gold is not money.

  8. Steer clear of his scheme unless you have excess fiat currency that you can afford to lose. Also, there is no anonymity, you still have to lodge personal information so that goldmoney could and would divulge if required to do so. If you wanted to redeem your holdings to take delivery, there is a charge as there is with 'storage'. Call me cynical but either of these arrangements could mean your paying to store nothing or paying for goldmoney to acquire the gold when you want delivery. If your gold holdings are simply a digital entry on a digital inventory, gold money's income could be generated from just running a digital platform. Offer some actual gold for them to store, I did, I wasn't able to make a deposit.

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