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Join a world where you design, create and pilot your own sea-rescue service. Release your inner hero as you battle fierce storms out at sea to rescue those in need. Stormworks: Build and Rescue is a rich and dramatic physics playground. Take your custom-designed, block-based and programmable vehicles into fierce oceanic storms. Plan and execute thrilling rescues in a variety of challenging crisis scenarios. Export and share your meticulously designed vehicles and missions with other players via the Steam workshop. Stormworks: Build and Rescue – create, rescue and release your inner hero!

Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Create, Rescue and release your inner hero!

Construct vehicles by placing blocks in a rich editing suite, customize them with your own design and program their behaviour using the powerful in-game logic system. Choose from a wide array of components to assemble your own rescue helicopters, boats, submersibles and more…

Take to the sea, land or sky in your newly created vehicle. Navigate through over 15,000 square kilometres of ocean and islands in an amazingly dynamic world.

Design specific vehicles to respond to challenging missions across open oceans, island facilities, remote rigs and more. Rescue survivors from the water, fight fires, help repair oil rigs, operate nuclear power station machinery and more. Create and share your own missions using the rich missions editor. Unlock new locations and components in career mode or explore your imagination in creative mode.

Join your friends in cooperative multiplayer as you operate multi-crew vehicles, and execute complex missions involving careful planning and coordination.

The day-night cycle and dynamic weather system create diverse environments to put your creations to the test. From calm sunny mornings, to unforgiving stormy nights – strong winds can turn the ocean from gentle ripples to fierce heaving waves, affecting your vehicles using physics-based hydrodynamics and displacement-buoyancy systems.


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  1. Dood we can,t hear good and u sound like u raged so hard and by small boat i was like a lifeboat size but it too small in irl u get on and sink

  2. GOD that Was Loud I had max volume even my dog got scared wow 0:30 but that doesn’t mean I won’t watch you vids because I will stick with you no matter what even if you quit YouTube I will stick with you forever 😊😊😊😙😙🤩🥳
    Your da best yeaha 😇😇😇😃😊😊😆😁😘😗😛😋 emojis represents how good frantic is like if you agree 👍😇😇😇 and so I like me own comment and frantic’s vid because he sooooooooooooo GOOOOOoOOoOoD 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🙂🙃☺️🤣😂🙃🤣😅🥰 p.s I like writing reviews for some reason

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