I built this “Designer Home” back in 2006, and it’s time to bring it back to life by recreating it as closely as we can in The Sims 4!
Checking out my builds from 2006: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVJVULjkN_c
Blindfold Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeNuC0BYwSg

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47 Replies to “Building a Sims 2 house in The Sims 4!”

  1. Is there no way at all to build a nice bridge in this game? I really want to make an island/beach themed house and it would reaalllyyyy helps if theres any bridge…..

  2. Hello James, I'm a new subscriber and I binge-watched your videos all week.

    If I could make a suggestion, it'd be interesting to see you create a nice home that can withstand natural disasters, or at least be good shelters.

    There's a thing I've noticed in your builds, it's that they're not always weather proof. There are many of the houses you've built that made me think: "Mmm, the roof would eventually cave in with the amount of snow and ice we get here in Canada" or "this house would be a total loss after a flood." (Unfortunately, some parts of Ottawa and Montreal are still flooded from the spring rains and snow melts. The rivers are just too saturated at the moment.) And back when I was studying in Vancouver, the school I was at had these big steel beams that were framing the windows, to support the building in case of earthquakes. I thought they looked cool, gave a modern look to the place and everything.

    Thank you for making all those videos for us, and have a nice day! πŸ™‚

  3. I didn't know you could half tile the flowers! Also, I love that there was a dedicated office room upstairs, as if there wasn't enough room on the ground floor for office furniture πŸ˜‚

  4. The front door/entryway of just burglar alarms is so so so hilarious to me. I wish we could know what was going through your head when you built that.

  5. Ok storytime: I see a single young father who very protective of his young daughter.He bought a empty abandoned burnt out house and remade it into this. While the daughter tries to run off to find her mother. The father put alarms in to pervent her from doing so. He so jealous of her, He placed not one, but eight alarms in his cheap yet "fancy" house. Being a kid at heart and poor at designing. He is also very self absorbed. All the daughter wants is the love of her mother. Poor man, poor build. But to them it is home.

  6. Remake it, but keep the rooms in the same location, like you can add walls, but you have to keep the kitchen where it is for example

  7. i love this! do a sims 3 one as well!!!!! I still play the Sims three more than the Sims four so I think it be very interesting to see you try to build in the Sims three

  8. The next video should be of you either remodeling it and using your style now or building a brand-new house inspired by this one! I'd love to see what you would do differently.

  9. You need to have somebody in one of your series move into it, even if it's for a little while. Maybe Richie. He's a total hipster and I could see him moving in here and renovating it.

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