Zane is one of the most interesting Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. He’s also one of the hardest to nail down in playstyle. Today we go over how you should play them, what to expect with his skill trees as well as the abilities augments and the builds.
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40 Replies to “Borderlands 3 | Zane Guide – Playstyles, Talents, Abilities, Builds & More (For Beginners)”

  1. Clone/Drone wombo combo all the way, but you can also become a mini bunker with the drone+sheild, and the sheild and clone would be more of a planned playstyle focusing on tactical clone switches. Also anyone else notice that the porta-potties doors open the other way?

  2. Found your channel from OW, was really happy to see you do content related to my favorite game series. It seems like you put a lot of work into your content I'm sure your channel will grow well in the coming months keep it up man

  3. You don't really need legendary gear for Zane using the clone tree. Just equip debuff elements (radiation, mostly cryo) to severely weaken enemies and keep your health up. Then you'll be free to do whatever you need to do to clear the area.

  4. you know at this point still, two days (or one) off launch, showing gameplay of some kind of moon or meteorite in Promethea's orbit is still kinda of a spoiler, just a little
    Edit: and the emenies here a level 47 some im sitting here assuming your showing off late game stuff so like what the hell

  5. Hi Ryan, i have a question:
    I noticed the FPS meter, going quite wild, dropping in some situations to mid 60s on few moments, but at some other moments goes up to 130 or even 140, keeping the mid around 90-100.
    For me personally, that's red flag performance wise. Any thoughts that could ease my doubt or should i just wait for few patches before i buy it?
    (I have a 144hz, 1440p display with a 1080Ti, thus my doubt for getting it at launch with that wild fps jumps)

  6. Feel like Zane can be the most powerful because of synergy in the build. Yes more complicated but Up-time and damage etc can be really big..
    Saying his cap stones aren't that good is just so wrong.. Just the Clone being able to have a copy of your weapon = double damage dealt when clone is active. It also comes with other bonuses as damage mitigation and shield regen.. The fact you can have another skill as well is just crazy. So offense and defense or all out offense etc.

    The other characters seem more limited somehow to me cause one skill at a time. Like FL4K has his pet, but it's just a thing running around not doing much damage and seen players just say it's annoying.
    His action skills are just rakk attack and irridiated pet. Just the same hit the skill thing.
    Amara = mostly best for melee punching through everything.
    Moze has the best in demolition, but also more of a hit a button and blast for a bit..

  7. Ive seen a few builds for zane and his digi clone it basically becomes unkillable its insane that the digi clones strength comes from how many grenades are consumed

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