I’ve known for doing quite a few OHKO builds in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, but I have yet to make a Ki based version. Blaster Ball may very well be the strongest Ki based super attack in Xenoverse 2

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44 Replies to “Blaster Ball One Hit K.O Saiyan Ki Build! | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2”

  1. Dont if you remember me, but this is hotfly lol. I played you while you were recording for this vid. I was the Saiyan with white hair and a gas mask. Such a shock to just be wandering along YouTube and see you here. Was a good fight and I learned a lot 🙂

  2. I would highly recommend new viewers of this particular YouTube channel to click their mouse on the button with a thumbs up symbol and then proceed to type a comment about their feelings of the video to quote: "Leave a likement."

  3. This is my atacks:
    Ki Explosion
    Kaioken Kamekameha
    Perfect Shot
    Maximum Charge

    Ultimate atacks:Gigantic Metor
    Ultimate atacks:Divine Wrath:Purification
    Awoken Skill:Super saiyan blue super saiyan
    Evasive skill:Blaster Meteor.

    !!!(Pleasy make video of this character my create character:)!!!

  4. Burcol haters: Guys, guys, burcol exposed, he has a video we’re he fights a level 2 player

    Burcol fans: 😂 laughing at your stupidity

  5. If there a video about the "WITH MESSAGES" one (or another but same theme.), try to challenge the person (Kid or whatever we call.) But with a Saibaman. Or the worse character of this game if you want. I would laugh in hell if you do this.

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