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More things to look out for when building your PC – minus the Ewoks.

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24 Replies to “Avoiding Common PC Building Traps – Episode 6”

  1. Forgot to mention digital fan controllers that connect via internal usb header.
    Sadly no +60hz monitor for me until i get my new one. Waiting on hdmi 2.1 before buying. Current one is starting to show its age. first 24’ 4k monitor that was on sale “at least as far as I’m aware”

  2. Water coolers are NOT better on AMD Threadriper CPUs. I did a lot of research setting up my new system and every AIO cpu cooler was much, much worse than a good quality air cooler. The DIY water coolers are much, much more expensive, have a much higher chance of leaks during setup and may not work much better than the old fashioned cpu fan.

    As for power supplies, I have 16 mechanical hard drives and 20 case fans running on the 1000 watt power supply in my system and have no problems at all.

  3. You can actually plug many Fans with an Y-Adapter in a single Port. 3,4 or even 6 Fans and more are no problem.
    But you should only do this with Fan's that should run the exact same speed (Fans on a Radiator, Airflow Fans in your case etc.)

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