A World of Builds Guide to my favorite builds in Monster Hunter World

Episode 12: Insect Glaive

In this video, we take a look at builds for the Insect Glaive that I use. Remember that stats are stated while your character is idle with no active items or food buffs. While some jewel buff will be in effect like peak performance and maximum might, the video should give you a sense of the type of build I’m going for.

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41 Replies to “Amazing Insect Glaive Builds : MHW Build Series”

  1. Update No 2: There are mistakes on the two following builds.

    Elementless Build: There are 2 elementless jewels, you only need 1, replace one with either an enhancer jewel, critical jewel or jewel of your choice.

    FFXIV Build: There is extra level of critical boost thanks to a critical jewel on the greaves. Replace this with an enhancer jewel or a jewel of your choice.

    On a side note. The builds I make are never supposed to be the most min/max builds out there. They are supposed to be templates to give you guys ideas on different builds or ways of playing. I have tried to minimize the mistakes in the build videos over the months but I slip up from time to time. I will try to do better for when the next set of build videos come around Hope you understand.

    – Darc

  2. Yes, Drachen was made for Insect Glaive as it is the closest in-game style/representation of Dragoons/Lancers from FFXIV (they also leap all over the place – hence the FFXIV emote – and both involve lance/polearm/wooden weapons wielded using both hands). You'd be amazed at how specific and in-depth both FFXIV and MHW treated their cross-over material. Kinsect-Dragoon is just one of the many easy to overlook details of just how much respect each game had for the other. That kinsect is quite literally the dragon-blast effect that Dragoons launch at targets in FFXIV. It's like a match made in gaming heaven.

  3. In the FF14 build you could go for an attack or Health Regen augmentation since Weakness exploit gives 50% affinity. so the 10% from the augmentation is kinda pointless.

  4. TFW you realized you haven't completed any AT monster cuz your teamates keeps being one shotted or done any KT seige vuz you internet sucks 🙁
    edit: manafed to craft all FF XIV gear (missing handicraft decos tou) and finally beat some AT monster and got 2 parst of kaiser y, but still I get paired by mates who constantly get blasted by those monsters

  5. at :34 you used the xeno'jiiva kinsect, i haven't been able to find any information about it. How does one unlock it and is it any better than pseudocath 3? Isn't there also a behemoth one too? I'm so confused about these kinsects, can anyone help me?

  6. For the elementless build, wouldn't it be better to rock the handicraft charm instead of exploiter and use 2 more tenderizer jewels instead of 2 handicraft? That way you get r5 handicraft while still having r3 weakness exploit.

  7. I'd love to show you my mixed set!

    Empress Cane "styx" (any luna weapon is viable specially for razor sharp)

    Nergigante hunger
    Attack lvl 7
    Critical boost lvl 3
    Maximum might lvl 3
    Critical eye lvl 4
    Stamina surge lvl 3
    A single level of flinch free (since idk what else to put in that 3 slot deco for the cane)
    Protective polish

  8. My IG set

    -True Gae Blog Insect Glaive
    – Dragon Soul Kinsect
    – Drachen Armet Alpha
    – Xeno Mail Beta
    – Drachen Vambraces Alpha
    – Drachen Coil Alpha
    – Drachen Greaves Alpha
    – Earplug's Charm

    Jewel Slots:
    – Earplugs Jewel x2
    – Tenderizer Jewel (Weakness Exploit) x3
    – Expert Jewel (Critical Eye) x3

    Overall this gives you:
    – Master's Touch (Armor Skill Bonus)
    – Elemental Airborne (Armor Skill Bonus)
    – Airborne x1
    – Power Prolonger x3 (Max)
    – Critical Boost x2
    – Attack Boost x3
    – Earplugs x5 (Max)
    – Critical Eye x7 (Max)
    Weakness Exploit x3 (Max)

    – 100% Affinity
    – Monster Roars would not effect you
    – Longer kinsect extract buff duration
    – Sharpness would last long enough if you hit the monster's weak spot
    – Cool looking Kinsect

    – No white Sharpness
    – No speed sharpening
    – Kinsect moves slower than it's little brother (Psedocath III)

  9. Does anyone have any tips for getting the drachen armor without killing behemoth? I've given up on it. I dont have friends good enough at the game to take it on so random matching is my only option which leads to either losing early or later on by people who dont know how to hide behind the comets. I use the insect glaive and since behemoth came out the drachen armor is the go to but since the behemoth is unfriendly to solo players this makes it really hard to get the armor.

  10. Why Sharp jewel ? I mean u got Masters from the set bonus and then u only hit weak zones, what u should do anyway, u won´t lose sharpness in generell.
    Question on the first set: Why two Elementless jewels ? xD (This is no hate or anything like that, I am just wondering :D)
    But anyway great Video it helped me alot with my IG sets ^^

  11. For full drachen i'll go exactly the same has you but i put 2 handicraft and remove the protective polish for max power prolonger, i think i respect the lore of this armor and it's working great ^^

  12. Time stamps:
    @1:17 Elementless Build
    @4:15 FFIV Build
    @6:29 Grounded Elementless
    @8:59 Affinity Build (3 ATTACKS JEWELS?! 3?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! T_T )
    ~ @10:48 Other jewels you can put if you don't have enough Attack jewels
    @11:52 Elemental Build
    @13:59 Free Element Elemental Build (if you're confused what that meant, listen to his explanation)
    @16:03 Balance Build
    @18:29 Budget Build

  13. For anyone who relied on Drachen armor and think it the best armor in the game. Sure you may have all the power in the world but you won't have survival abilities. 3 piece Kaiser & 2 piece Empress is a way better build in my own opinions.

  14. I find this video to be a bit disappointing and lacking. Like, you don't mention the deviljho glaive whatsoever which is the arguably best one overall, with a standard damage oriented build (ground combat, health n affinity augment, nerg helm + rest drachen, handicraft charm, gem accordingly and you got 100% affinity and loads of damage with easily maintained sharpness compared to the diablos glaive which can hit harder with the right set but has severe issues with keeping white sharpness). Instead some whack odogaron set which is just a worse diablos set and has no real point besides being special. I mean the elemental sets arent as good either, but at least the kjarr weapons (which need different sets tho) arent that bad. Maybe even better against some monsters if you dont stick to solely ground combat but are playing helicopter/going for mounts.
    Also no paralysis glaive, the taroth/kjarr versions are actually worth using and you aren't just gimping yourself for basically no reason. Thatd have been a really good addition to this video.
    Also no mounting master in any set, its obviously a meh skill but pretty much insect glaive trademark… you couldve been more creative man.
    And regarding the empress styx glaive: you once again basically just made a shittier diablos/jho set. A better purpose would be to add quality of life skills like more levels of evade window, earplugs, health boost,… Because it doesnt need any kinda sharpness investment and deals decent damage out of the box whereas diablos/jho kinda suck without a very specific and dedicated set.

  15. @darcblade curious about the builds you used to actually get all those AT Monsters for the builds, love the ideas and love your channel but as an IG Main this one in particular feels like theory neither realistic nor practical unless your facing non tempered monsters. Personally, I can’t defeat the AT Monsters without Level 3 health boost/vitality (I realize that’s because I probably suck but fully augmented Armor, elemental defense specific builds above 20 (ie fire defense against toaster) if you don’t have max health at 200 and happen to get hit. You get carted with one or two hits. In short, would you personally take on and do you think you could beat any of the AT Elders with any of these builds? I haven’t seen anyone slay AT Val without Miasma jewels for example. I realize there anyone can shift the jewels around to min/max certain things for personal preference and you put the disclaimer out in the beginning these are about “MAX DPS” but I kinda want/need to actually grind some of these AT monsters and MAX DPS ain’t cutting it. Just curious your thoughts

  16. Curious question for anyone else that mains IG. Do you have another attack jewel?

    After literally 1496 hrs; I’ve only got the one Attack Jewel that everyone gets. However I never use the bow and I’ve got at least 5 bow charge plus jewels, 7 release jewels, and countless other “rare jewels” such as Crit boost, Handicraft, polish, guard up, minds eye etc etc but never an attack jewel. My hypothesis is the drop rate percentages for jewels are not static percentages but rather, based on or fluctuate depending on weapon type used or weapons crafted. So I created another character to test this theory, it’s Level 46 right now with 65 hours and I’ve mained the GS with this character still no attack jewels but only just recently started getting Level 2 Tempered Monsters so we shall see

  17. Styx IG + Drachen set + attack charm. 95-100% affinity, max attack boost, max critical boost, max Peak Performance and a health regen augment to keep that buff up in one build.

    Granted that you have enough flawless and tenderizer jewels anyway.

  18. Is it supposed to be assumed that these aren't min maxed? Ik some are for fun/personal pref but those aside is this more of a 'build concept' kind of deal rather than 'DO DIS'?

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