Support the stream: This Build is the best build in nba 2k20! This build can speedboost with a 99+ 3PT rating! This NBA 2K20 build is game breaking and it will go crazy in the park. This is one of the most popular guard build on NBA 2K20! This build can definitely benefit you in NBA 2K20! I recommend this NBA 2K20 build to a person that loves to primarily shoot. This build is perfect and i recommend players to try this build out. It can benefit you more to win ruffles, Gold rush, and any types of event in nba 2k20! Best build in nba 2k20! This build can get a 99+ rating to your attributes, and it will be very helpful for you. The badges is not hard to get at all. The mid-range shot is 98. The three-point shot is a 98. Free throw & Post fade is a 99+ rating as well. This nba 2k20 build is the best because you can speed-boost. We all like to speed boost, and this will be a game breaking build. This build is a 6’5 180 pound 3 level scorer. In this video i explained how to make the best speedboosting sharp build in nba 2k20. This is the best build in nba 2k20. I hope you guys enjoy the video. Let me know in the comments if you want me to make more of the best builds on nba 2k20! This build is one of my favorite builds in nba 2k20 because you really don’t have to do much. All you have to do is have a good jumpshot and have good badges. My rating once again is a 99+ 3PT. I cant miss. Please make this build.

My name is E L I T E! I upload NBA 2K20 videos and i try my best to entertain & motivate others. I started my channel in the beginning of NBA 2K18, and never thought i would make it this far. I upload & publish NBA 2K20 videos everyday & also do NBA 2K20 live streams to interact with supporters. I do my best to grind and upload everyday and play the game i love so much.

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