If your studying gets interrupted often by distractions or the temptation to multi-task, try these methods of building your ability to focus.

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5 Methods for Focusing and Concentrating Effectively

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23 Replies to “5 Ways to Build Focus and Concentration – College Info Geek”

  1. If you want to clear your mind for studies/work maybe you should try:-

    1.stop thinking about the past such as faild relationships. friends. Bad memories What is at hand is more important than the past. past is gone and you should move on

    2.think that whatever you are doing is
    gonna make you a better person
    I.e getting a promotion/degree

    3.stay strong. dont give up as soon as things get hard

    4.if you want to studie i suggest you take 5 min brake before you studie to help clear your mind from phone..pc..etc

    Sorry for any mistakes

  2. The app hold is a better alternative to forest, giving you IRL rewards for not touching you phone. (The app is only avaliable in some countries)

  3. "temptation to multitask"? Dude, before you said that I was already starting a freecell game to play while watching this video haha

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