2005 Ford GT drive review and why Ford decided to build it.

The 207mph Ford GT was Ford’s 100 year birthday present to itself. With 550bhp and brilliant dynamics, it was also evo magagazine’s car of the year in 2005. Here, I look back to discover why it got built in the first place and what it’s like to drive today. Thanks again to The Hairpin Company was allowing me to drive this amazing example they currently have for sale. https://www.thehairpincompany.co.uk/for-sale/2005-ford-gt
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22 thoughts on “2005 Ford GT drive review and why Ford decided to build it.

  1. I follow you since EVO magazine arrived in Italy in the 90's. What a spectacular magazine! seeing you in person chatting about cars on you tube is almost like having a friend. A friend who can speak about cars in such an exquisite and competent way that you really want to answer him… 🙂 The way you explain the opening doors "problem" is exhilarating and real at the same time.

  2. This is one car that didn't need updating. If anything, make it more retro, even closer to the original. The new one is just another cookie cutter supercar. Updating the GT is like modernising the Morgan 3-Wheeler. Ford ruined it.

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