A custom build & restoration project of a 1931 Ford Model A Sedan.


Chevy 350
T56 six speed transmission
Four wheel disc brakes
Ford 8.8 limited slip rearend
Adjustable four link rearend
Custom frame
Chopped, channeled and shortened body
Roof is from a Chevrolet Equinox

Over the past seven years Mason has been building, driving and showing this awesome hot rod! It is unique down to the smallest of details. Inspired by race cars, hot rods, and airplanes. This car was built with form and function in mind – everything has a purpose and a place.

The frame is built from 2×6”, 2×4” steel and 1 ¾” tubing. The dropped Henry Ford iron front axle is suspended by quarter elliptical leaf springs hidden in the frame rails. The rear suspension is an adjustable four link with Art Morrison coilover shocks and a panhard bar. The engine, transmission, and rear end came from donor cars. The engine is a crate motor with desirable upgrades including an Edelbrock aluminum high rise intake manifold, aluminum water pump, Holley carburetor, MSD ignition and more. The body has been painted with a Ford metallic blue and sealed with a flat clear coat, giving a unique satin finish. With the 18” and 20” tall tires the Ford Racing 4.56 rearend gearing coupled with the T56 six speed transmission makes for great stoplight-to-stoplight and highway cruising.

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25 Replies to “1931 Ford Model A Sedan Hot Rod Build Project”

  1. Thanks for all the kind words! It was awesome to get to fulfill a dream building and finishing this car! To the builders out there, don't give up, stay focused, don't start changing things mid-build, and finish strong!

  2. Huge!!! I love hot roads ! Greetings from the french alps! You made an incredible job!! Congratulations !!😎💪👍👍👍

  3. Очень понравилось! Работа проделана на высоком уровне. Но мне кажется, что люк здесь не к месту и цвет не очень. Лучше тот серый, как грунтовка, или чёрный, чёрный матовый.

  4. Beautifully designed and fabricated, not to mention nicely documented……thanks so much for sharing this father & son project with us.

  5. Great build,but I don't see installed, my "fav"product(DYNAMAT)all over the cab/floors roof/fire-wall,when you have a bare car and chassis…….And the exhaust set-up is ugly in my opinion,it breaks the line of the Car and too loud,a nice aluminium hood(Old Bugatti style) with top vents, and side "cobra'louvers" with electric heat extractor fans(on demand)………

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